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    Open House Best Practices & Tips

    Open house

    Your open house has every possibility of becoming your most direct path to engaging the prospect—­the one who ends up being your buyer. Making that happen takes the kind of ‘luck’ that preparation creates.


    1. Keep it clean – Buyers do not want to see dust on surfaces when they walk in. It sets a bad first impression.
    2. De-clutter & Depersonalize – Family photos and knickknacks are distracting and need to be put away before your open house. Just think of it as getting a head start on your packing.
    3. Fit-it Projects – Remember all those small home projects you have put off for years? Now is the time to tackle those.
    4. Paint – A fresh coat of paint (neutral color or white) will make all the difference for showings, and it’s very cost effective!
    5. Lighting – If your light fixtures are outdated (for example: gold or brass), time to get new ones or if you are really on a tight budget try a can of spray paint. It can make a huge difference in the way a room feels and it doesn’t cost much. Make sure all light bulbs are in working condition too.
    6. Lawn – Spruce up the front lawn for excellent curb appeal. This especially applies in Oregon.
    7. Kitchen – Keep surfaces clear of clutter and remove magnets from fridge.
    8. Let in the light – Open drapes and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible and you can even add fresh flowers in a vase to add some color.
    9. Adjust the temperature – You want to find that happy medium, not too hot or too cold. Usually 70 degrees is a good middle of the road temperature.
    10. Valuables – Hide your valuables for open houses, just remember where you stashed them!
    11. Leave – The last thing Buyers want is the homeowner there, it makes them feel uncomfortable.