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    • Remodel Costs VS New Home Expense

      While remodeling may be becoming more popular, there are still plenty of advantages to the alternative route: purchasing a new home in the Portland Metro Area. Here are some of…

      Written by Marc Fox
    • Update Your Kitchen

      Almost half of all new homeowners in the Portland Metro Area update their home with some sort of home improvement project. Most new homeowners will partake in a remodeling job…

      Written by Admin
    • Have You Found the Right Agent Yet?

      Sellers often make two of the biggest mistakes while searching for the right agent, when their search is solely based on: Highest price for their home Lowest commission (more…)

      Written by Admin

      Your open house has every possibility of becoming your most direct path to engaging the prospect—­the one who ends up being your buyer. Making that happen takes the kind of…

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