Erika Ann Weinhold

    M: 503.744.7900

    Erika came to Oregon in 2015 for college and became thrilled with all Oregon has to offer. She obtained her BFA in Interior Design and wants to utilize her design knowledge to help her clients in the real estate world. She has a true love for homes and strives for people to have a sense of belonging. Her design background has honed her skills for detail and understanding human dynamics within interiors. She builds strong, personal, and professional relationships and will always have her real estate client’s needs at the forefront of her mind. Along with being diligent in market research, negotiation skills, honest and open communication, Erika will represent her clients in a way that will give them both confidence and a sense of protection. Her goal is to help you reach your dream. Buying and/ or selling your home is an important investment and it’s important to have someone that you trust. When not at the office, Erika loves to explore Portland with her four-pawed baby; Silas the Bloodhound.

    Agent Line: 503.773.9773