Denny Le

    M: 360-525-3021

    Denny Le was born in San Jose, California. A couple of months later, his parents found a great opportunity up North and excitedly moved to Vancouver, WA, where he was raised. From riding bicycles as a young boy to exploring the city as a teenager, he has grown up loving this growing city.

    After high school, he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Washington State University, Vancouver Campus. After successfully working as a testing engineer, his dad handed him a book that changed his life, helping him shape his mindset and find his love for real estate. With this newfound motivation, he worked hard at his day job to pay off his student loans while saving enough money to purchase his first property in the heart of Vancouver.

    As he continues to learn and understand the real estate market, he has found a passion in helping clients navigate the convoluted process that is real estate in order to buy a home. This is achieved with a dedication to communication and transparency.

    Agent Line: 503.773.9773