Desanka Pokrajac

    M: 360.624.6152

    Desanka's family moved to the USA in 1998 from the war zone in Yugoslavia, carrying 6 suitcases and began to build a new life from the ground up. She worked in customer service oriented jobs her entire life, and developed the love and satisfaction in helping others. Her true love is for interior design and house design. Desanka decided the best profession for her would combine all of my passions into one. That’s how she ended up in the real estate business.

    Desanka's friends and family would best describe her as an honest, patient, respectful, trustworthy, loyal, a person of integrity and with a strong work ethic.
    She is also very passionate about helping abused and neglected animals. Desanka's ultimate goal is to eventually become financially independent to be able to help those in need.

    Desanka has deep family core values and traditions that she follows and tries to pass onto my kids. Her family is very diverse about their interests. Spending time together gets very interesting as they try to accommodate everyone’s needs and wants. There is no dull moment in her life, and she would not trade it for anything!

    Agent Line: 503.773.9773